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Dynamic SLA Management To Ensure Timely Delivery Of Services.
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Alexxo provides simple SLA management function that can view of all of your SLA accomplishments and keep track of your strict Service Level Targets. Alexxo is a smart way to keep all the tabs on of SLA management.
Measurable SLAs
A precise view of the expected service delivery, track of the tickets breach, and targets achieved.
Timely Notifications
With precise SLA to incident category mapping, your support teams always stay alert a about response and resolution times.
SLA Matrix
Dynamic SLA matrix allows you to create SLAs against different categories using simple rules.
Reporting allows you to keep track of achieved and breached SLAs
Get Better Control With Minimum Effort
Using simple drop down menus you can implement dynamic conditions to achieve  precision and in-depth controls over level of service provided
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Define your SLA in full detail,
simplified Interface
Control functioning of your SLA with 
dynamic conditions for every event.
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