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Multi - Channel Complaint Logging To Provide Greater Ease
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Eliminate complex complaint logging procedures with our simplified,  multi channel logging Interface 
Complaint Through Mobile App
Log complaints on the go through our Mobile application
Email to Ticket Conversion
Convert complaints received over emails directly to tickets.
Direct Logging On Portal
Provide full control to your customers by providing access to log complaints directly on the portal.
IVR to Ticket Conversion
Have an established IVR ? Alexxo seamlessly integrates with IVR to directly create  tickets.
Smart Ticket Assignment
  • Load - Balancing at auto ticket assignment to ensure, No agent is over worked.

  • N - Level escalation matrix allows you to define escalation as per company mandates.

  • Re-assignment to ensure each ticket is handled accordingly.
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What Else Do We Offer?
N-Level Escalations
Define n-level of escalations using escalation matrix, to ensure all tickets are resolved as per policies.
Reassignment ot Peers
Agents have option to reassign tickets to other agents after updating reassignment logs.
Auto Ticket Assignment
Automatically assigns tickets to designated agents, eliminating all manual efforts.
Ticket Tracking
Complete ticket tracking with audit trails for transparency and visibility of all complaints.
Keep customers informed about progress at all stages through our dynamic event based notifications.
Dynamic Categories
Configure categories according to your business language for seamless operations throughout.

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