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Incident Management Services 

Alexxo ITIL Incident Management Service

Alexxo Incident manager provides users & technician an interface for logging, recording and resolving incidents. The goal is to restore the service as quickly as possible. Incident Management helps your business overcome the lag created by service disruption and also highlights service teams’ performance and achievements to the top management. 
Auto Ticketing Schedule

Tickets are assigned automatically based on the location and category of the ticket. Alexxo assigns ticket intelligently to the technicians based on the load of ticket they are carrying.

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Ticket logging through SMS & email

Web portal is not the only way of logging tickets; users can also log tickets using SMS and email. The tickets get logged automatically by their name and location.

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Relate Help Tickets

Multiple tickets or issues can be grouped together for better examination. This helps reduce the effort and resources involved in similar type of tickets.

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Benefits of Using Alexxo ITSM Service Management
  1. Incidents can be diagnosed quickly using previous knowledge, rather than treating each event as a new one.

  2. Knowledge of the configuration and changes made enable the cause of incidents to be identified quickly.

  3. Escalation matrix can be defined for auto and manual escalation of incidents

  4. Full email notifications and alerts on incident updates

  5. Anyone with a browser and the appropriate access privileges can enter defects in the database, update items and view reports

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