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Change Management Module

Alexxo ITIL Change Manager Module

Alexxo Change manager manages the implementation of changes to the IT infrastructure and minimises the disruption to IT services caused by change. It also ensures that records of hardware, software, services and documentation are kept up to date. Change Management in Alexxo takes care of changes and their effects on multiple IT services and products.
Workflow enabled change management

A comprehensive workflow engine in Alexxo enables IT Managers to effortlessly create change requests. While doing so the IT Managers can define a complete chain of request creation, review and approval for quick change request processing.

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Hierarchy wise change request automation

Change requests can be created to facilitate decisions and reviews at different levels of organisation with respect to organisational hierarchy. The requests created smartly reach the right individuals for required actions.

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Change Cost and Budgeting / IT Financial Management

Budgeting and cost control comprise the estimation of costs, the setting of an agreed budget, and management of actual and forecast costs against that budget

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Benefits of Using Alexxo Change Management Module

  1. Consistent planning for change

  2. Communication with appropriate parties before change occurs

  3. Approval received from appropriate parties before change occurs

  4. Reduction in incidents and problems caused by unplanned change

  5. Time spent on preparation and prevention rather than fire fighting and downtime

  6. Work order creation and Task Tracking

  7. Bring consistency, predictability and procedure within departments and individual projects

  8. Progress monitoring

  9. Integrated Change-Management

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