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Asset & Configuration Management Services

Asset & Configuration Management

One of the main difficulties IT teams face today is to manage the IT asset details and to identifying what equipment you have, where it is and how it connects together, especially as equipment is moved around or replaced as part of normal operation. Alexxo Asset manager keeps track of the assets with their detailed configuration. Alexxo also has a built in CMDB that maintains the relationships and transaction of relevant information and data between the Configuration Items (CIs). 
Software Assets

Manages software assets with respect to their keys, licenses, hardware, users and other important details that may be necessary for It Audit purposes

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Hardware Assets

Manages hardware assets with respect to their location, configuration, asset ID, assignee, and current status.

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Tracks and Maintains:

- Purchase and lease data - Warranties - Maintenance contracts - Descriptions

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Benefits of using Alexxo Assets and Configuration Management Solutions

  1. Technical information is available to IT staff and suppliers.

  2. Dependencies between configuration items are understood.

  3. The information available helps in the planning of changes.

  4. Graphical representation of the infrastructure is available to aid diagnosis of incidents and problems.

  5. When supported by change management, the CMDB is kept up to date.

  6. Provides an asset list.

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